Five Signs of a Happy Cat

October 7, 2022

Anyone who has ever had a cat would agree that cats are amusing creatures. They're rubbing up on you one minute and cowering in the closet the next. They enjoy cuddling, but only on their terms. And of course, cats appear to demand your attention the most just as soon as you're hurrying out the door. These fickle felines make it challenging to identify the signs of a happy cat. Lucky for you, we speak cat and can help you navigate their curious ways.

Well Groomed

Happy cats keep themselves well-groomed. One sign of a happy cat is what their coat looks like. Cats that regularly lick themselves and clean themselves take pride in their appearance and want to maintain how they look.

Good Appetite

A healthy appetite is a great indicator of a happy cat. Cats that want to eat may rub against your leg or meow as they direct their owners towards their food bowls. Be careful, though! You may be inclined to feed your cat as much as they ask, but cats are sneaky and can train their owners to give them exactly what they want!

Being Vocal

A happy cat could be a chatty cat. Being vocal is usually a sign that your cat is happy. Meowing, purring, and making little high-pitched noises could indicate happiness. On the flip side of the coin, a low-pitched sound may be a sign that your cat is unhappy. Watch out for both types of sounds and always make sure to observe other factors in addition to the noises your cat makes.

Relaxed Posture

Cats that rest with their paws tucked inside them feel comfortable, relaxed, and generally at ease. You should be able to see this in their tails as well as their overall demeanor. Conversely, nervous or anxious cats may be excessively alert; their ears could perk up and the fur along their spine might stand straight up as well.

Being Playful

A playful attitude is a clear sign of a happy cat. Cats that are willing to engage in playing with string, toys, catnip, or just spending time with their owners are usually happy animals.

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