How to Spot Boredom in Dogs

December 30, 2022

How to Spot Boredom in Dogs

A dog’s life would be one long trip to the dog park if they had their way. Unfortunately, most dog owners can’t accommodate that kind of schedule. Playing with dogs and giving them attention is a must for all dog owners, but even the best pet parents can’t tend to their pups all the time. Leaving your dog alone could result in them becoming bored, but how do you know?

Every dog processes boredom differently. That’s why we put together this guide on how to spot the signs of a bored dog and what to do about it if you notice that your dog is bored.

Chewing Destructively

Whether you spent $300 or $3 on a dog toy, one thing is clear: dogs love chewing! While some dog toys and balls are intended for dog chewing, other items like furniture, rugs, carpets, and shoes, are not. Noticing destructive chewing habits from your dog may be a sign that they are excessively bored. This is problematic in and of itself, but even more so because chewing inedible objects could put your dog at risk for choking.

Hyper Greetings

Most dogs are excited to see their owners when they get home, but overly hyper greetings could be a sign that your dog is bored during the day. Does your pup leap up, zoom around, or disregard you when you tell them to sit or settle down? While it is normal for your pet to be excited upon seeing you come home, uncontrollable greetings could indicate that your dog is too bored during the day. 


You may believe that your yard is a haven for your home-alone dog, but dogs rapidly become bored when left alone in the same old enclosed location, whether indoors or out. A jailbreak might start innocently enough, with your dog following his nose or chasing something he sees. Watch out, though, as a sign of a bored dog could be escaping, burrowing under a fence, or even jumping over a fence. 

Barking Excessively

Barking could be caused by a variety of factors, the most prevalent of which is boredom. A bored dog might growl at the outside world when looking out through the window, regardless of who or what is out there. Squirrels, the mail carrier, or even a neighbor walking by could set them off. This is not only distressing for your pet, but it is also poor behavior and could knock several points off your friendliness rating in your neighborhood.

How to Treat Boredom in Dogs

Bully sticks and strong chew toys are productive ways to turn your dog’s destructive chewing habit into a more positive one. At Multipet, we have a large assortment of dog toys appropriate for dogs of all sizes, like our squeaking Origami Pals™, that will keep your pet entertained and keep boredom at bay. Another thing to consider if your dog is home alone for long periods of time is to hire a dog walker to come take your pup out during the day. Attention and stimulation will help prevent boredom and keep your dog in better spirits.

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