How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You

January 20, 2023

How to Tell if Your Cat Loves You

Signs of feline devotion might be subtle or difficult to detect. Because our feline companions don't often express their sentiments openly, you might be wondering, “How do I know if my cat loves me?” Pets have their own methods of expressing themselves, so it can be tricky to know how to tell if your cat loves you. Use this guide and you’ll be better able to spot the signs that your kitty loves you back.

A Slow Blink

Cats communicate a lot with their eyes; one of their favorite ways to convey "I love you" is with a slow blink. When a cat is happy and comfortable with you, she may simply look over and close and reopen her eyes slowly. What they’re essentially saying is, "Hey friend, I love you, and I'm secure enough with you to let my guard down.”

Playfully Nibbling

Most people think of biting as a bad thing, but a cat gently nibbling may be a sign of their affection. Play biting or little nips are generally harmless and could be a way to tell that your cat loves you. Keep in mind, however, that little cat nibbles are different from defensive bites. Noticing that your cat has become aggressive could be a sign that your cat is in distress.

Presenting their Behinds

Cats recognize others by their scents, so for them, sniffing is the equivalent of a handshake. While bringing their tail to your face may seem like a negative thing, it is actually just a sign that your cat wants you to become familiar with their scent. 

Belly Up

Cats’ stomachs are their most susceptible areas. By exposing their bellies, cats are communicating that they are secure enough with you to be unprotected and vulnerable. One clear way to tell if your cat loves you is if they allow you to rub their belly; this is the highest expression of comfort and trust.

Resting on Your Lap

One of the telltale signs that your feline appreciates you is a willingness to sit on your lap. As a natural predator, cats dislike feeling vulnerable and are especially wary while resting. Sitting on your lap may be a sign that your cat trusts you fully.


Some experts believe that kneading is a behavior kittens acquire to promote their mother's milk flow. Your cat kneading could be a sign that they accept you as a member of their family. This is one of the best ways to tell that your cat loves you. If your cat’s kneading becomes too much, however, consider putting a large blanket between you and her active paws.

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