How Your Dog Can Benefit from Aromadog Scented Toys

August 4, 2022

Featured toy: AromaDog®

We all know that sniffing is a dog’s primitive behavior. Think about it: how often does your furry friend scurry down the stairs the very moment you open the oven door? Or maybe you’re impressed by their ability to sniff out the little treat you carefully tucked away the deepest end of the cabinet. Sense of smell is your canine’s most powerful instinct, so why not put it to good use as they play with  pet toys? Not only do scented toys satisfy dogs’ desire to smell, but they also offer lots of benefits for your pets.

Scented Toys Relieve May Relieve Dogs’ Anxiety

Have you ever seen your dog pacing to and from the room for no particular reason? Or does your dog dash under the blankets during a thunderstorm? Dogs have anxiety just like people! Being home alone, hearing loud noises, experiencing thunderstorms, and even seeing unfamiliar faces can make pups scared and anxious. The familiar smell of a special scented toy can be reassuring and comforting. Additionally, some scented toys also diffuse pet-safe essential oils that smell like ylang-ylang and chamomile, which have been shown to help decrease anxiety.

Scented Toys May Boost Your Dog’s Cognition

Pets make us happy, but it can be challenging to witness them aging. As dogs age, they may experience confusion, loss of appetite, lower energy levels, limited mobility, and more. Certain scented toys may help improve cognitive health by improving alertness and promoting healthy appetites.

Scented Toys Could Address Emotional Needs

In addition to satisfying their craving for smells, scented toys can also uplift your pet emotionally. Some canines have traumatic pasts, which makes it hard for them to trust even their owners. Finding the right scented toy that resonates with your dog can help reinstate a sense of comfort they may have never had. 

Scented Toys May Enhance Your Dog’s Sleep

Lack of sleep not only weakens the immune system, but it can also affect mood and learning abilities. Dogs may lose sleep for any number of reasons: anxiety from a visit to the vet, an exciting day at the dog park, or being in a new environment. Scented toys, lavender-scented ones, can be great for calming pets down and promoting a more restful sleep. 

Scented Toys May Enhance Positive Behavior

Even after training, some dogs continue to bark or behave anti-socially at dog parks. To help offset this behavior, try a calming scented toy for your pet. Lavender is great, as is cypress and neroli. 

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