Multipet International, Inc. Celebrates Popeye® and 95 Years of Spinach-Powered Adventures

June 10, 2024

East Rutherford, NJ – June 10, 2024 – The world-famous sailor, Popeye, is celebrating the 95th anniversary of his television debut, marking nearly a century of his spinach-fueled escapades and adventures. Since his first appearance on January 17, 1929, in the comic strip "Thimble Theatre" by E.C. Segar, Popeye has become an enduring icon in popular culture.

A Legacy of Strength and Determination

For 95 years, Popeye the Sailor Man has been a symbol of strength, perseverance, and the power of vegetables. With his trademark spinach can in hand, Popeye has entertained and inspired generations through comic strips, animated series, feature films, and a wide range of merchandise.

"Popeye's message of resilience and the importance of good nutrition has resonated with audiences for nearly a century," said Mark Hirschberg, President of Multipet International, Inc. "As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to continuing his legacy for future generations and their pets."

Sailor. Tough Guy. Hero. Pet Toy!

Popeye's influence extends beyond entertainment. His character has been the subject of academic studies, inspired musical compositions, and now -- pet toys!

To commemorate this remarkable anniversary, Multipet is shining a spotlight on its licensed line of Popeye pet toys that launched in early 2023. From plush figures to character-themed cat wands, Multipet strives to capture the strength, courage and grit of Popeye himself.

Looking to the Future

As Popeye sails through his 95th year, the character continues to evolve while staying true to his roots.

"We're committed to preserving Popeye's legacy while introducing him to a new generation of fans," said Sean Slevin, Vice President of Business Development at Multipet. "The future looks bright for Popeye, and we can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead!"

About Popeye

Created by E.C. Segar, Popeye the Sailor Man first appeared in the comic strip "Thimble Theatre" on January 17, 1929. Known for his superhuman strength derived from spinach, his love for Olive Oyl, and his iconic catchphrases, Popeye has become one of the most beloved characters in animation and comics history.

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