It’s all about the noise! Dogs love the high-pitched squeaks, chirps, and other animal sounds our Squeakables™ make. Multipet has a wide variety of these toys in bright colors, sizes, shapes, chew levels, and textures. But they all have one thing in common – noise!

There are enough variations in these toys to be certain there’s a perfect one for every playful, toy-loving furry friend. Some of our noise-making toys are soft and plush, while others are made with durable latex and will float. But all of them are silly and colorful. Experience the fun when you give one to your canine companion.

Latex Toys

When you choose 100% durable latex noise-making toys, one of the best things about them for pet owners is that they’re easy to keep clean. Once in a while, just wipe these toys down with a damp cloth. If they’re really dirty or sticky, use a wet cloth and some mild soap, but be careful about soaking them in water. The water may seep in through the squeaker and ruin the sound. That’s half the fun for your pooch!

Latex and Plush Toys

There is also a wide selection of squeaky toys that are made with soft, plush fabric and touches of latex. Toys like our Leaperz are nearly impossible to stop playing with once you start! Our Bobble Birds have soft and squishy bodies that your pooch will have fun carrying around. Latex heads that bobble has large eyes and colorful beaks.

Squeakables™ is an important addition to a dog’s collection of toys. The squeaks, honks, oinks, grunts, and chirps make playtime more fun for both the dog and the owner. Imagine the laughter while playing fetch as the pig oinks every time the dog grabs it.