All-Purpose Pet Wipes 100ct.

  • 100ct.
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Multipet All-Purpose Pet Wipes are perfect for a quick and effective cleaning. Use daily to maintain cleanliness and help pups look and smell fresh. Available in a 100-count soft pack.

Nothing keeps pets cleaner in between baths than All-Purpose Pet Wipes from Multipet. Made with top-grade materials and designed to be gentle on your pet’s skin, pet wipes don’t get better than this. With over 27 years in business, Multipet is the pet product supplier you can trust for outstanding pet care. The All-Purpose Pet Wipes are practical and easy to use, two features that are hallmarks of all of our products. This 100-count of All-Purpose Pet Wipes is specially packaged to keep the wipes moist even after the package has been opened.

About Our All-Purpose Pet Wipes 100 CT 

Give your pet the freedom to play inside or outdoors while extending periods between baths with our All-Purpose Pet Wipes. This bulk pack of pet wipes is made from special materials that are designed not to tear even when stretched. This makes them ideal for pet use as pet skin can be slightly rougher than human skin. Unlike ordinary wipes, our All-Purpose Pet Wipes are lightly scented to pleasantly refresh your furry friend.

Why Buy All-Purpose Pet Wipes 100 CT From Multipet?

When it comes to outstanding pet products and accessories, you can depend on Multipet. We ensure that all our pet products are of outstanding quality while keeping them competitively priced.  Our wide range of pet products makes it easy for you to get all the pet toys and pet products you need to keep your furry friends happy. Best of all, we’re also committed to preserving the planet. Our recycling initiatives help promote environmental sustainability to keep the future a pet-friendly playground.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.