All-Purpose Pet Wipes 50ct.

  • 50ct.
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Multipet All-Purpose Pet Wipes are perfect for a quick and effective cleaning. Use daily to maintain cleanliness and help pups look and smell fresh. Available in a 50-count soft pack.

The All-Purpose Pet Wipes 50 CT from Multipet are the ideal way to keep your pet clean in between baths. Pets can get dirty, especially when playing outdoors. Fortunately, the All-Purpose Pet Wipes 50 CT is designed for quick clean-ups in between baths. They are gentle on your pet’s skin and can be conveniently carried around if you are taking your dog for a walk or heading out for a family picnic with your best furry friend.

About Our All-Purpose Pet Wipes 50 CT 

Our All-Purpose Pet Wipes 50 CT is great for cleaning your pet from head to paw. By using the wipes, you can extend the periods between baths while allowing your dog to have fun and stay active. The wipes are made from special materials that are designed not to tear even when stretched. This makes them ideal for pet use as pet skin can be slightly rougher than human skin. Unlike ordinary wipes, our All-Purpose Pet Wipes are lightly scented to pleasantly refresh your furry friend.

Why Buy All-Purpose Pet Wipes 50 CT From Multipet?

For the very best in pet products, pet parents turn to Multipet. With close to 30 years of experience designing and creating innovative, long-lasting sustainable pet toys and products, we have a proven track record of success. Our global reach encompasses an extensive customer base around the world, which speaks to the quality of our pet products. Always competitively priced, Multipet products provide significant value for every customer.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys and pet products are used.