Aromadog Fleece Flattie

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Aromadog by Multipet is an exciting line of therapeutic dog toys. Every play and squeak releases a calming blend of lavender essential oils into the air, helping dogs feel relaxed and happy. Available in green bear, blue elephant, and purple dog.

Multipet makes pet toys fun and entertaining for everyone! Whether you want to give your dog a simple way to soothe or are looking to upgrade their playtime experience, the Aromadog™ Fleece Flattie dog toy is just what you need. Designed to promote relaxation and calm, this flattie dog toy releases an aromatic lavender scent into the air when squeezed to help put your pup at ease. This dog toy comes as part of an exciting line of therapeutic dog toys made with essential oils to help dogs relax, especially in times of stress. Give your pet this soft and cuddly flattie for calm and cute fun.

About Our Aromadog™ Fleece Flattie Dog Toy

Thunderstorms, separation anxiety, and moving homes can all present stress for your pet. Give them an easy way to stay calm in these situations with the Aromadog™ Fleece Flattie. This dog toy comes in a variety of colors and animals including green bear, blue elephant, and purple dog. Each flattie dog toy has a squeaker to satisfy your pup’s auditory senses. Keep your pet happy and calm with none other than this fleece flattie dog toy from Multipet.

Why Buy Aromadog™ Fleece Flattie Dog Toys From Multipet?

Getting your pet toys from Multipet guarantees top-notch quality every time. We take time to get our products right, which translates to hours of endless fun for your pets. Not only do we care about the overall wellbeing for pets, but we’re also passionate about the planet. This means we are committed to promoting sustainability for our environment; we do this through recycling initiatives with our packaging, all in an effort to keep the world a pet-friendly playground for the future.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.