Aromadog Fleece Squeaker Mat

  • 12"
  • Play
Item: 34603
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Aromadog by Multipet is an exciting line of therapeutic dog toys. Every play and squeak releases a calming blend of lavender essential oils into the air, helping dogs feel relaxed and happy. Available in purple dog, green bear, blue elephant.

Multipet makes pet care fun and playful for everyone! Whether you want to give your dog a gift for a special occasion or are simply looking to upgrade your pet’s playtime experience, the Aromadog™ Fleece Squeaker Mat is just what you need. Like all our products, the Aromadog™ Fleece Squeaker Mat is designed with high-quality materials, making it super durable. The toy is also soft and cuddly, which means that your dog will love playing with it.

About Our Aromadog™ Fleece Squeaker Mat

Thunderstorms, trips to the vet, and many other situations can stress out your dog. The Aromadog™ Fleece Squeaker Mat is the perfect solution for pet stress and anxiety. This squeaker mat is designed to make a soft squeaky sound every time your pup bites down or presses on it. This makes it fun for playtime and entertaining. Even better, this mat is made of soft fleece. Last but not least, the mat releases a calming lavender aroma with every press or bite to help alleviate your dog’s anxiety and keep them calm no matter what challenges the situation brings.

Why Buy the Aromadog™ Fleece Squeaker Mat From Multipet?

Multipet works hard to ensure that we provide pet parents with exceptional toys and accessories for their furry friends. We do extensive research across the world to deliver innovation, creativity, and quality. The result is a unique set of products that are guaranteed to give your pet a great time. You will love the fact that we are also active in the community and help with various causes, some of which include environmental sustainability and assisting organizations that help animals affected by the Australian wildfires.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys and pet products are used.