Bark Buddy Animals

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Bark Buddies are cuddly critters every dog will want to get their paws on. Their ultra-soft texture that makes them perfect for post-playtime snuggles, and the characters are so adorable your customers will want to take them home for themselves! The dangling arms and legs are great for shaking and tossing, and entice play. Available in monkey, lemur, sloth, tamarin, and koala!

Bark Buddy Animals are the cuddly critters every dog will want to get their paws on. Perfect for dogs of all sizes, these 10 inch plush dog toys are great for post-playtime snuggles. Give these cute dog toys a squeeze and hear the fun little squeaky noise they make. With dangling arms and legs, these plush dog toys are ideal for shaking, tossing, and everyday play.

About Our Bark Buddy Animals

Available in an assortment of styles including lemur, monkey, koala, tamarin and sloth, Bark Buddy Animals are the soft dog toys your dog will go back to again and again. Their plush, furry exterior makes them super snuggly and adorable. Toss these dog toys in your pet’s toy bin for a squeaky dog toy they won’t be able to get enough of!

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