Berber Animals

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These small knitted animals are perfect for swatting, tossing, and cuddling! Filled with stuffing and catnip, our Berber animals will bring your cat endless amounts of fun! Available in grey Elephant, blue Hippo, and brown Rhino.

It’s finally time to bring the kitten you’ve always wanted home! As adorable as your furry friend may be, they’ll likely have to be house-trained to prevent them from scratching up your furniture. Cat-friendly toys like Berber Animals are great for focusing your feline’s urge to scratch on something other than your beloved sofa. 

About Our Berber Animals

Berber Animals are the little knitted animal cat toys your cat will love! These cute cat toys are perfect for swatting, tossing, and cuddling. Available in grey Elephant, blue Hippo, and brown Rhino, these catnip cat toys are filled with stuffing and sure to bring your cat endless entertainment and fun. 

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.