Birthday Cake Slice

  • 6"
Item: 48708
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Making a dog’s birthday feel special is a piece of cake, literally! Filled with crinkle material and a squeak that stimulates play, this Birthday Cake Slice is the perfect treat for any dog on their big day! Available in two colors.

The Birthday Cake Slice dog toy makes celebrating your pup on their special day a piece of, well, cake! Soft and so much fun, Birthday Cake Slice is a great way to treat your pet. Multipet makes dog birthdays even more special with this plush and squeaky chew toy for pets!

About Our Birthday Cake Slice

Birthday Cake Slice is just what your pet needs to celebrate their special day. This plush dog toy is filled with crinkle material that dogs love. It also squeaks when squeezed for extra sensory fun! Each Birthday Cake Slice measures 6” and is available in either pink or blue. Encourage your pup to chew, snuggle, catch, and play every day with this slice of a squeaky dog toy from Multipet.

Why Buy Birthday Cake Slice from Multipet?

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.