Canine Clean Peppermint Dumbbell

  • 11"
Item: 51152
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A bone / rope combo that promotes play and enhances canine dental health! Peppermint scented.

The Canine Clean™ Peppermint Dumbbell is a two-in-one! This bone-rope combo promotes play and enhances canine dental health at the same time – what could be better? Best of all, after playing with this bone-rope dental dog toy, your pup will have minty fresh breath, a scent everyone can appreciate.

About Our Canine Clean™ Peppermint Dumbbell

The Canine Clean™ Peppermint Dumbbell is designed to encourage constructive playtime for your pet while it helps to clean their teeth. Designed for dogs of all sizes, this 11-inch dog toy bone/rope combo is made of highly durable materials so your pet can chomp and chew to their heart’s delight. Give it to your pet as part of their regular playtime routine or when you think their breath needs a little extra freshening.

Why Buy Canine Clean™ Peppermint Dumbbells From Multipet?

At Multipet, we are focused on ensuring that you get the best products for your pets. We’ve been delivering pet parents around the world with our high-quality pet products since 1995 and are proud of the solid reputation we’ve built. Innovation and functionality are at the forefront of everything we do here at Multipet. We’re always incorporating the best global designs to ensure that our toys meet the highest standards. This is not just in the quality of the material but also in the design of the toy. The toys can withstand the rough play that is expected from your dogs.

Not only do we love pets, but we also care about the environment. We use recycled paper to make our fibrous stuffing as well as packaging material. Our packaging also comes with tips for pet owners about how to recycle and help keep the world a pet-friendly place.

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