Canine Clean Peppermint Rope and Balls

  • 6.5"
Item: 51154
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The tough rope and the 3 super chewy TPR balls on this peppermint-flavored toy will massage a dog’s gums and help remove built up tartar.

When it comes to giving your pet fun and functional dog toys, no one does it better than Multipet. Our pet products are extensively researched to ensure that they maximum enjoyment during playtime. The Canine Clean™ Peppermint Rope and Balls dog toy is equal parts useful and entertaining. The dental dog toy incorporates unique design elements that help clean teeth while your pup plays. What could be better than that? Encourage your pet to toss, tug, chew, and enjoy with the Canine Clean™ Peppermint Rope and Balls dog toy.

About Our Canine Clean™ Peppermint Rope and Balls 

The Canine Clean™ Peppermint Rope and Balls dog toy is designed to promote your dog’s dental health as they play. The textured surface of the balls will help to massage your dog’s gums as they chew, which is great for blood circulation. Then the rope end of the toy can act as a floss to assist in removing food particles from your pooch’s teeth. Best of all, this dog dental toy is super fun so your pet won’t even know they’re getting a teeth cleaning as they play.

Why Buy Canine Clean™ Peppermint Rope and Balls From Multipet?

Multipet is your trusted partner for exceptional pet products. For close to 30 years, we have been designing high-quality, durable, sustainable pet products for pet parents around the globe. Every toy and product we make is done with acute attention to detail and care to ensure an enjoyable experience for your pet. We not only care about pets; we’re also passionate about the planet. That’s why our products all come in recyclable packaging. This helps promote recycling efforts and reduce buildup in landfills.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.