Cat “See” Mirror Cat Toy

  • 4"
Item: 20107
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It’s not hard to see that our Cat “See” Mirror toys are purrr-fect for any feline! These toys have unique, reflective tummies which are sure to stimulate your cat’s sense of sight and encourage playtime. They are also filled with catnip and crinkle material for added layers of fun! Available in Owl, Mouse, or Bird.

If you are looking for a fun toy for your pet, you’ve come to the right place! At Multipet, we offer all the pet toys you’ll ever need to keep your cats and dogs happy and engaged! We’ve been bringing happiness into the homes of pet owners since our inception in 1995. Find out for yourself why pet parents and their fur babies love us so much. 

About Our Cat “See” Mirror Cat Toy

It’s easy to see why our Cat “See” Mirror cat toys are purr-fect for any feline. These toys have special, reflective tummies that will instantly stimulate your cat’s sense of sight. Colorful and exciting, these toys are filled with catnip and crinkle material for added layers of fun! Available in Owl, Mouse, or Bird, each cat toy measures 4”, making them ideal for all kitties. 

Why Buy Cat “See” Mirror Cat Toy from Multipet?

Multipet is an established international supplier of quality pet products. We work hard to design and create unique, innovative pet products for both dogs and cats. Multipet’s commitment to quality extends from our designs to our execution. Everything we make is intended to last. 

Here at Multipet, we not only care about pets; we’re also passionate about the environment. Our commitment to sustainability means we produce packaging and toys that are made from recycled materials whenever possible. We’re on a mission to ensuring that the future remains the pet-friendly playground it was meant to be. Learn more about our How2Recycle label program here

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.