Corduroy Flamingos

  • 17"
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Pretty, pink, and ready to play! These Corduroy Flamingos will make a great addition to your pups toy box. Made of soft, ribbed corduroy fabric, these tropical birds are a bundle of fun! With long legs and a squeaker inside, our flamingos are perfect for tugging and tossing during a game of fetch. Available in two shades of pink.

Corduroy Flamingo

Soft, plush, and squeaky, our Corduroy Flamingo is the ideal play pal for your furry friend! These stimulating toys offer hours of fun and oodles of joy.

About Our Corduroy Flamingo

Available in two shades of pink, our Corduroy Flamingo will be the sweetest addition to your dog’s treasure chest. The soft, textured corduroy exterior adds a unique twist to the plush toy concept, and their legs are perfect for tugging. Enjoy games of tug-o-war with your furry friend and watch those flamingo legs stretch, stretch, stretch! Our flamingos also squeak, which adds an element of joy for your pet while playing.

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