Dazzle Ducks

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  • 13"
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Item: 37672, 37673
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Textured material? Check! Squeaker? Check! Loved by customers? Check! Made with double stitching to stand up against tough chewers. Available in assorted colors.

37673: 13 inch Dazzle Ducks

37672: 8 inch Dazzle Ducks

Does your dog love tugging and chewing at anything it can sink its teeth into? If the answer is yes, then the Dazzle Ducks dog toy will be perfect for your pet. This dog toy is especially great for active pups to release some of their pent-up energy during the day. Available in assorted colors and sizes, the Dazzle Ducks dog toy will surely keep your pup endlessly entertained.

About Our Dazzle Ducks Dog Toys

Made with double stitching, textured material, and a squeaker inside, the Dazzle Ducks are exceptionally strong and durable to withstand the strongest of biters and the toughest of chewers. Dazzle Ducks dog toys measure in at 13 inches, making them great for dogs of all sizes, big, medium, or small. Your pup will love playing with these squeaky dog toys from Multipet.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.