Doglucent TPR Outer Ring With Inner Ball

  • 3.5"
Item: 51082
* This item is not available for direct to consumer purchase

Ready, set, light up! This Doglucent ball is available in assorted colors.

*Contains 3 (1.5V Alkaline) batteries

Ready, set, play! The Doglucent TPR Outer Ring with Inner Ball is a dog dental toy that encourages productive chewing while making playtime more fun than ever before. It’s great for facilitating saliva production as well as deterring dogs from tearing up your cushions and sofas. Still, this dog ball toy isn’t just functional; it’s also fun! Add this to your dog’s toy bin for a bouncy dog toy that will light up playtime. Complete with LED lights that turn on every time the ball bounces, this dog toy is sure to bring constructive entertainment to your dog’s life.

Each ball measures 3.5 inches and containers three 1.5 V Alkaline batteries. Available in red, purple, and blue. Suitable for dogs of all sizes. Please supervise your pet while this product is in use.