Double Knot Rope w/ Tennis Balls

  • 10"
Item: 57329
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These tough knotted ropes are built to last! With a tennis ball at each end, they are perfect for tossing around for a game of fetch. Available in two colors: Primary and Bright.

Double Knot Rope with Tennis Balls

Our Double Knot Rope with Tennis Balls is perfect for playtime in the yard, beach or park. Bring it along the next time you take your furry friend out for a day in the sun!

About Our Double Knot Rope with Tennis Balls

Our Double Knot Rope with Tennis Balls is great for tossing and tugging. If you want to have some playtime with your dog that’s a little more rough-and-tumble, this is a great option. The knotted rope is durable and tough, made to withstand play that’s a little more rambunctious. The Double Knot Rope with Tennis Balls is available in assorted colors.

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