Floppy Moppy

  • 7.5"
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Textured plush, floppy fabric helps spark interest. Squeaks. Available in Pig, Frog, and Duck

Floppy Moppy (Pig, Frog, and Duck)

Introduce Floppy Moppy to your furry friend for instant love and joy today! This unique toy was crafted specially to spark your dog’s instant interest.

About Our Floppy Moppy (Pig, Frog, and Duck)

It squeaks, it flops, and it’s plush – what’s more for your dog to love? Our Floppy Moppy has been crafted so that each aspect of it captures your pet’s interest immediately. From its distinctive plush texture to its squeaks, Floppy Moppy will ensure that your furry friend enjoys hours of fun and play. This dynamic toy comes in three designs – pig, frog and duck. Each adorable creature brings the same joy and wonder, stimulating your dog’s interest and curiosity. We’re sure that it will be a fast favorite.

Why Buy Floppy Moppy (Pig, Frog, and Duck) from Multipet?

As an award-winning designer and supplier of pet products, ensuring your pet’s well-being and enjoyment is our highest priority. Our unique toy designs and superior quality are beloved by dogs and cats (and their owners!) across the world, and we are happy and proud to bring oodles of joy into the lives of your furry friends.

We also want to help build a world that all pets in the future can enjoy. We are committed to sustainable practices that encourage the preservation of the environment. Our toys are all made from recyclable materials, and our partnership with How2Recycle ensures that our packaging is recyclable too.

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Disclaimer: We recommend that all individuals supervise their pets while they play with toys.