Fur Mice Cat Toys, 165pc. PDQ

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Cats can’t get enough of our fur mice! Easy to chase, pick up, and bat around, these mice are purrr-fect for any feline! This PDQ is available as a 165 piece.

Multipet has been making pet products for over 20 years. We are dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative products that pets and their owners will love. Whether it’s for a cat or a dog, you’ll find everything you need right here at Multipet.  

About Our Fur Mice Cat Toys, 165PC. PDQ

If there’s one thing everyone knows about cats, it’s how much they love chasing mice! Fur Mice Cat Toys will satisfy your cat’s desire to pounce on their prey without anyone getting hurt in the process! Better than real mice, these cat toys are great for chasing, batting, and everyday play. Plus, they’re made from high-quality material that is designed to last. This PDQ comes with 165 pieces. 

Why Buy Fur Mice Cat Toys, 165PC. PDQ from Multipet?

Multipet International is a premier designer and supplier of pet products. We continuously develop fun and innovative designs for our pet toys to release to the pet consumer market. After finding the best ideas, fabrics, and technologies for our products, we then go through extensive testing to make sure they durable, and receive a tail wag of approval.

Not only do pets love us, but the Earth does too! Multipet is committed to ensuring that the future remains the pet-friendly playground it was meant to be. Our How2Recycle label partnership program communicates to pet owners the recyclability of our Multipet branded packaging in an effort to improve recycling practices. We are also involved in several worldwide organizations, including the Australian Koala Foundation, breast cancer awareness, and supporting our troops.  

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.