Jumbo Octopus

  • 24"
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Get ready for a game of tug-o-war! This ulra-plush Jumbo Octopus is perfect for tugging or tossing around for your pup. Measuring in at 24 inches, this sea creature is bound to make a sizable amount of fun! And the best part? It squeaks too!

Jumbo Octopus

Whether it’s time for play or snuggling, our Jumbo Octopus is a favorite for a reason! This adorable creature will be your furry friend’s new trusted companion in no time.

About Our Jumbo Octopus

With long legs that are perfect for tugging, and a soft, large body that’s perfect for snuggling, our Jumbo Turtle is here to be your furry friend’s new best pal! Squeaky and plush, our Jumbo Octopus can accompany your dog on all sorts of adventures – from deep sea adventures to road trips to naptime or playtime right at home. Your buddy can enjoy hours of play and rest with our Jumbo Octopus, which is as adorable as it is versatile.

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