Kitty Straws

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These kitty straws are bound to be a favorite for all cats! Made of mesh material, our kitty straws are perfect for batting, chasing, and tossing. They come in an assortment of bright, fun colors to stimulate your cat and encourage play!

Give your cat a fun and interactive way to play with Multipet’s Kitty Straws. 12 to a pack, these bright and colorful cat toys are designed to provide endless amounts of entertainment for your feline friend. 

About Our Kitty Straws

Our Kitty Straws are bound to become a favorite for your feline friend. These cat toys are made from durable mesh material that is highly resistant to cats’ sharp claws. Great for tossing around as your cat chases them around the house, these cat toys are an easy and fun way to get your pet playing. For the pop-up action, simply squeeze down and release! Available in a variety of colors, Kitty Straws are sure to provide your cat with just the right dose of joy and stimulation. 

Why Buy Kitty Straws from Multipet?

Multipet is pet fun, multiplied. We are an award-winning designer and supplier of pet products who pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, innovative, unique toys for cats and dogs all over the world.  We not only test all of our products for durability, but also ensure that they receive a tail wag of approval.  

Not only do we love pets, but we also love the planet. We use recyclable materials for our products and packaging whenever possible in an effort to honor our commitment to sustainability. Learn more about this initiative with our How2Recycle label program partnership. 

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.