Knobby Knit Cat Toys

  • 4.5"
Item: 20255
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Knobby Knits are cute, colorful cat toys that contain catnip. They will be sure to entertain cats during playtime. Cats will pounce on, nibble, and roll around with their new companions. Customers will love the variety and unique soft bumpy texture. Perfect for collecting, these toys are available in bird, fish, frog, mouse and snake.

Knobby Knit Cat Toys are the kitty gifts that keep on giving. These unique, animal-shaped cat toys have a textured outside that keeps cats engaged. Available as a bird, fish, frog, mouse, or snake, each cat toy is not only soft and plush but also contains catnip! There’s no better way for cats to roll around with a new feline friend than with Knobby Knit Cat Toys.

Each cat toy measures 4.5 inches. Suitable for small, medium, and large cats. Please supervise your pet while this product is in use.