Mane Events

  • 11"
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Get ready for the “mane” event! These plush, multi-textured playmates are perfect for dogs that love to go wild during play time. With soft fur, braided manes, and a squeaker inside, pups have the choice between Zebra and Giraffe for their new cuddle companion. 

Mane Events (Giraffe and Zebra)

Every pet deserves a Mane Events playmate! These cute and soft playmates will undoubtedly steal your and your pet’s hearts.

About Our Mane Events (Giraffe and Zebra)

These toys are no doubt the Mane Events. Standing at 11 inches tall, our Mane Events come in two adorable animal designs, giraffe and zebra. These adorable plush playmates feature exaggerated hooves, are multi-textured, and best of all, squeak! Our Mane Events make the best cuddle buddies, allowing smaller pets to snuggle up completely within their arms or being the perfect soft toy companion for bigger pets to hug or sleep with.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.