Nylon Wish Bone

  • 8"
Item: 17051
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Made of durable Nylon, this toy is perfect for dogs who love to chew!

Did you make a wish that you’d find the perfect dog toy? Your wish has come true! The Nylon Wish Bone dog toy is the ideal dog chew toy for all dogs, especially those with an affinity for chewing. Give your pup this durable, damage-resistant toy and watch as they chew the day away. 

About Our Nylon Wish Bone

Our Nylon Wish Bone, is made from highly durable nylon and rubber that is extremely resistant towards any form of chewing and biting. It is the perfect toy for your dogs, especially for those that just can’t resist chewing on things! Turn playtime into something productive with the Nylon Wish Bone dog toy from Multipet.

Why Buy Nylon Wish Bone from Multipet?

Multipet is a world-renowned designer and supplier of pet products for customers all over the world. Our toys undergo stringent tests and durability compliance to make sure they are ideal for pets. We aim to keep your pets engaged, happy, and active with our diverse range of toys.

Not only do we love pets, but we also care about the planet. We are dedicated to maintaining sustainability and preserving our environment; we use recycled materials for our products and packaging whenever possible in an effort to reduce waste and pollution. Learn more about our commitment to recycling with our How2Recycle partnership. 

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.