Rainbow Fish Cat Toy

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Colorful, multi-textured fish with feathers and ribbon. Filled with catnip for extra fun.

Rainbow Fish Cat Toy

Our Rainbow Fish Cat Toy is a quirky addition to any cat toy bin! Filled with catnip for extra fun, this toy is guaranteed to keep your feline companion entertained and satisfied during play sessions.

About Our Rainbow Fish Cat Toy

It’s no secret that most cats share a love for fish, so why not turn their favorite meal into a toy for them to chase after? It engages them in working up an appetite for their next meal, and will definitely keep them fit and agile. The toy includes colorful feathers and ribbons, along with a textured exterior material that makes it simply irresistible for your cat to jostle around and pounce on. What are you waiting for? “Seas” the day, and get your furry friend a Rainbow Fish Cat Toy today!

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