Sock Pals for Cats Assortment, 20pc. PDQ

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Adorable classic handcrafted catnip-filled Sock Pals. Customers love collecting all of them including a fish, mouse and rabbit. Available in a 20 piece PDQ.

Who knew socks could be so much fun! Sock Pals™ give cats a catnip-filled way to stay playfully entertained. These adorable, handcrafted sock animals are just what your cat needs in their life. Find your favorite cat toys with Multipet!  

About Our Sock Pals™ For Cats Assortment, 20pc. PDQ

Sock Pals™ for Cats are the perfect cat toys to keep your feline friend engaged and occupied. These catnip cat toys are sure to capture your cat’s attention, making them ideal for playtime any time! Choose from a fish, mouse, or rabbit, or collect them all for oodles of catnip-filled fun! This cat toy assortment comes in a 20-piece PDQ.  

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