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Plush Squirrels that squeak. Great for tossing around and cuddling up with. Available in assorted colors including Black, Tan, and Grey.


Available in an assortment of colors including Black, Tan, and Grey, these adorable plush squirrels serve as a fun companion for your dog to toss around during playtime or cuddle up with during naptime. On any occasion, the Squirrel will surely provide your pup with endless joy and entertainment.

About Our Squirrels

Each Squirrel toy is 4.5 inches long and provides a stimulating “hunting” experience for your dog of any size! Its soft, comfortable, plush exterior also makes it the perfect toy for your pet to snuggle up with after an entire afternoon of fun and tossing around.
The Squirrel’s built-in squeaker also makes the playing experience much more fun and entertaining for dogs with every tug, chew, and pounce on the toy.

Why Buy Squirrels from Multipet?

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Multipet cares about the planet too! We are dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of the Earth and want to help it be a pet-friendly environment for our furry friends.

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