Swingin’ Slevins

  • 27"
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These super long plush playmates are perfect for a game of tug-o-war. The soft plush also makes them great for snuggling. Squeaks. Available in Panda, Flamingo, and Sloth.

Swingin’ Slevins (Panda, Flamingo, and Sloth)

These super-long playmates are perfect for a game of tug-o-war or as a cozy plushie for dogs to snuggle up to during naptime. They are available in Panda, Flamingo, and Sloth versions.

About Our Swingin’ Slevins (Panda, Flamingo, and Sloth)

Our collection of Swingin’ Slevins comes in an exciting range of exotic animals to pique the interest of your fur baby. At 27 inches long, the long limbs of a Swingin’ Slevin make it easy for you and your dog to grip the toy and engage in a friendly match of tug-o-war. What’s more, its soft plush exterior makes dogs use it as a snuggle buddy once they’ve had an afternoon’s worth of fun with you and their Swingin’ Slevin.

Each toy also has multiple squeakers, making it an all-round stimulating experience for energetic pups.

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