Signs That Your Cat Needs More Playtime

February 1, 2021

When a dog wants to play, they are not shy about it. They will bring you their favorite toy and wait for you to play with them. On the other hand, cats are harder to read. Cats like to play it cool, and are not the type to beg for playtime. Read on to find out more about the signs you can look out for to figure out whether your cat needs more playtime.

Your Cat is More Needy Than Usual

Sometimes, cats are very straightforward when they want your attention. They constantly meow, or paw your leg more than usual. Although some may find it annoying, there are reasons behind its changes in behavior. Cats require as much interactive and engaging play as dogs. Although you may think that they would much appreciate a nap on your couch, they are constantly on the lookout for exciting things to do. If your cat enjoys play, you can pick your cat’s favorite toy and throw it for them to chase. Consider adding new and more fun cat toys to make playtime even more stimulating and enjoying for your cat.

Your Cat is Being Snobbish

Although a certain level of snobbishness is normal in cats, some cats display their displeasure with the lack of playtime by looking dejected and sulking in one corner, often ignoring their owner. This is a sign that your cat is being grumpy. When your cat is behaving like that, you can consider doing something special for you cat, such as bringing their favorite toys to play a game of fetch with them.

Your Cat is Getting Fatter

If your cat is visibly getting flabbier and heavier, your cat will likely need to exercise more through playtime. You should definitely reduce the number of snacks or amount of food you are feeding it as well. A common mistake amongst cat owners is substituting food for play, resulting in an unhealthy cat. An overweight cat requires a special food plan from your vet, and a checkup to ensure that the extra weight is not due to medical reasons. Then, you can introduce engaging and interactive toys to your cat, such as puzzles or even toys that can dispense treats. This helps incorporate more physical activity into your cat’s day, and forces them to eat slowly.

Your Cat Scratches Your Furniture

If your cat is not getting enough playtime, they may have excess energy and find other ways to spend this energy, such as scratching your furniture. A lack of playtime can also make them more aggressive as there is too much energy bottled up within your pets. Scratched furniture can cost a lot to repair or replace, so you are better off investing in fun toys for your cat to play with to prevent incidents where your cat turns to your furniture to release their energy instead. Some toys they may love are roller balls, furry mice or other textured toys. Scratching posts are a good investment as well.

If you are looking for interesting toys to enhance your playtime with your cat, feel free to check out our wide variety of Cat Toys to browse the collection of fun toys we have to offer. This will definitely keep your cats occupied and engaged during playtime.