This is How Often Your Dog Needs to Go for Walk

March 31, 2022

Dog waiting for walk. Labrador retriever standing with leash in mouth against door of house.

As a new dog owner, you may be wondering how often you need to take your dog out for a walk. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dog walking, there are several factors to keep in mind. The frequency and duration of your dog walks depend on you and your pup. Breed, age, and energy levels are additional things to keep in mind when evaluating how often your dog needs to go out for walks.

Then you need to think about your availability. Although you’re a dog owner, you also have a schedule to adhere to. Consider this and more when deciding how often your dog should go for a walk.

How Old is Your Dog?

Vivacious younger pups have lots of energy and tend to need more physical activity than older dogs. Middle-aged dogs are between the ages of  5-8 years old, and while they may still have lots of energy, they don’t typically need to go out quite as often as younger puppies. Senior dogs, on the other hand, may struggle with ailments like muscle atrophy, arthritis, diabetes, hypothyroidism and more which result in them having less stamina. They probably need a little more encouragement to stay active, which is important for aging dogs.

What Breed is Your Dog?

Does your furry best friend adore running in the park? Or do they show reluctance after a 15 minute walk? How active your dog is could depend on their breed. Both the personality and breed of your dog play a role in determining how often your dog needs to go out for a walk. Working or sporting breeds like Collies, Pointers and Shepherds are naturally more active and require more exercise than lap dogs like Papillons and Yorkshire Terriers. Also keep in mind, however, that some dogs are simply naturally inclined to physical activity, while others prefer to take things slow and easy.

Consider Your Dog’s Tolerance for Exercise

Most dogs in good physical condition can tolerate daily walks between 20-30 minutes. Dogs that are very healthy and fit might enjoy going on hikes for  up to a few hours! Then there are dogs with a lower tolerance for exercise. While they may be fine walking around the house, steady state walking for 10 minutes could get them winded. Look for signs of fatigue like reduced pace or shortness of breath and consider this when deciding how often and for how long you should take your dog out for a walk. If you notice that they’re becoming exhausted on longer walks, try going for short dog walks and gradually increasing the duration.

How Much Time Do You Have for Dog Walks?

Going for dog walks can be one of the best ways to bond with your furry friend, but they require planning. Frequent dog walks can be hard, especially if you’re short on time or have a very busy schedule. Do your best to plan dog walks for the times of the day where you’ll be most relaxed. Dogs are sensitive beings and can sense when you’re rushing. If all you have time for some days is a 5-minute walk around the block, do that! There will be other days when you have more time for adventurous trail walks. Consider your own schedule and maybe think about hiring a dog walker if necessary.

There are no hard and fast rules about how often you should walk your dog. The most important thing is to remember that your dog is an individual with their own set of wants and needs. Do your best to keep up with your pet and you can’t go wrong. If you’re  on the lookout for ways to enhance your dog walks including interactive dog toys, waste bags, and more, make sure to check out Multipet. We offer a wide range of dog products specifically designed to make your life as a pet parent more fun, enjoyable, and easy.