Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

March 3, 2023


Are you planning on traveling with your dog? Going on a trip with a pet can be a fun and exciting adventure that could make your vacation even more enjoyable. Traveling with your dog alleviates the need to find a dog sitter or leave them at a kennel. All you have to do is be prepared and plan ahead of time. Keep these pointers in mind the next time you go traveling with your dog!

Have their Medical Records

Always bring your dog’s medical records and vet card with you when traveling with your dog in case of emergencies. This is especially important if you are traveling outside the country. For international travel with pets, you’ll also need a health certificate and confirmation of specific immunizations. It is also a good idea to have the contact information of an emergency veterinarian at your destination on hand just in case something unexpected happens.

Dog Identification

Bring your dog’s normal collar, leash/harness, and any ID tags along with you when traveling with your dog, as well as an extra tag with information about where you’re traveling and the best contact number at which you can be reached. This is crucial in case you and your pet get separated. Another suggestion is to get a second identification tag with the location and phone number of your vacation destination. For additional safety and tracking, some people also choose to invest in a permanent type of identification such as a microchip for their dogs.

Dog Treats

Bringing snacks with you is always a smart idea, regardless of how well your dog travels. Just a few types of treats should be more than enough. Make sure the dog treats you bring with you while traveling with your dog are of high quality and nonperishable.

Carrier and/or Crate

We strongly advise you to bring a box or carrier to make traveling with your dog more comfortable. When traveling by car, keep your dog properly secured in the back seat with the crate or carrier. Traveling by plane with dogs requires a carrier. Carriers also make things much simpler when you get to your destination or if you’re stopping along the way, as a carrier can double as a bed for your pet.

Dog Toys

Don’t forget to bring dog toys when traveling with your pet! Not only will they keep your dog entertained, but playtime may also help wear them out, which could ease travel anxiety. Chew toys are ideal for distracting your dog while traveling, while toys like Multipet's Squeaky Tennis Balls are great for tiring your dog out at playtime pit stops before the journey continues.

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