Top Reasons to Get Wand Toys For Your Cat

June 2, 2022

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We adore our furry feline companions and love pampering them! One of the best ways to pamper your pet is with a new pet toy! Kitty cats love wand toys. They’re engaging, entertaining, and both mentally and physically stimulating. Find out more about wand toys for cats and why you should consider adding one to your cat’s toy bin.  

Wand Toys Satisfy Your Cat’s Desire to Hunt

“No! I don’t want my cat to pounce on a mouse!” Many pet parents eek at the thought of their feline friend coming home with an unwanted surprise. Still, your feline has an innate desire to hunt and gather; it’s in their DNA! Satisfy their need to hunt by giving them wand toys. Cats will feel satisfied when they pounce on the toy at the end of the wand and you’ll feel glad that they didn’t bring home any additional furry friends. 

Wand Toys Promote Bonding With Your Cat

Wand toys are useful tools for encouraging cats to engage in interactive playtime, which can enrich the bond with your feline. While you may already have many cat toys in your home, wand toys for cats are ideal for mimicking live prey. Static toys that do not move already seem “dead” to cats and may not pique as much interest as dynamic ones. Plus, once your cat realizes they have your attention, they’ll have less of a desire to wander away from home!

Wand Toys Alleviate Your Cat’s Boredom

Yes, cats can get bored too! Bored cats may demonstrate a slew of behavioral issuessuch as over-grooming, chasing their pet siblings, and overeating. These may be signs that your feline is asking for play. Playing interactive wand games with your beloved feline allows them the opportunity  to chase, hunt and play! This provides a great outlet for your feline to release any pent-up boredom, anxiety, or excess energy.

Wand Toys Keep Your Cat Mentally and Physically Engaged

Wand toys for cats let youflutter, wave, and rotate the wand around to keep your cat moving around.  Feline friends will also be enticed by the ribbon because to them it looks like a bird flying, a mouse scurrying, or an insect crawling. This is great for encouraging healthy movement and exercise, which is something all cats need. Plus, all this stimulation will keep your cat on their paws and may help keep their brain sharp.

What Wand Toy Should You Choose?

Choosing the right wand toy for your cat is key. With so many different variations on the market, it may be challenging to know which one is best. The best thing to do is to expose your cat to a variety of different wand toys for cats and see which ones she meows at the most. That will be a clear indication of her favorite!  Multipet has everything you need to find your feline friend’s favorite new cat toy. We have a wide selection of wand toys for cats, so you can trust that you will find the purr-fect one for your feline friend.  Our toys are meticulously made with attention to detail and your pet’s enjoyment in mind,  giving you peace of mind that you will receive durable, long-lasting, high quality toys every time you order.  Feel free to check out the different types of cat toys we have and find the one that will make your furry friend say, “MEOW!”