Top Reasons Why Your Dog Loves Squeaky Toys

June 23, 2022

Featured toy: Origami Pal Hippo 8" Photo by @z_by_zeelum

There’s no getting around it – dogs love squeaky toys! But have you ever wondered why dogs love squeaky toys? Yes, they’re stimulating and fun, but what is it about that little sound that gets them so excited?  While we won’t get into all scientific details, there is research that shows us why your dog loves squeaky toys. Read on to learn more!

Dogs Get Immediate Gratification from Squeaky Toys

Who doesn’t love instant gratification? Dogs love squeaky toys because of the instant gratification they provide. Just one squeeze and SQUEAK! If only everything in life were that simple!

Dogs also love what the squeak signifies. The squeak that comes from squeaky dog toys could be interpreted as an indicator that their bite is strong and effective.

Squeaky Toys May Satisfy Hunting Instincts of Dogs

Dogs have a natural hunting instinct. Much like their wild counterparts (wolves, for example) pet dogs love the satisfaction they get from hunting down prey and capturing it. The difference is that wolves do it in the wild and house pets are much tamer. That’s where squeaky dog toys come in. The second they hear the squeak, dogs feel like they’ve won the prize, whether that’s prey or another reward. Either way, it works in your favor as a pet owner and keeps your dog occupied and entertained. S

Squeaky Toys May Be Beneficial to Your Dog’s Health

Playing with squeaky toys is often associated with many health benefits for dogs, one of which is physical exercise. While staying active is important for heart health and helping pets stay at a healthy weight, it’s also crucial for burning off excess energy during the day to keep them calmer at night.

Squeaky Toys Could Be Great for Training

Squeak toys may also be effective tools for dog training as they could reinforce positive behavior in your dog. This type of toy captures dogs’ attention and stimulates them. This encourages them to play and shows them that playtime is positive. Additionally, hearing the squeak when they have done something good (i.e., sit, stand, stay, etc.) could signal a reward.  Much like receiving a treat, hearing squeaks after good behavior is a great way to train your pet to keep up the good work.

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