Your Dog Loves You – Here’s How We Know

February 9, 2021

Cute smiling dachshund puppy dog vector cartoon illustration isolated on pink background

With Valentine’s Day coming, love is in the air. For dog owners, it will hearten them to know that not only does their significant other love them, they have another loyal lover- their dogs. Dog owners mean the world to their dogs, and there are some signs that make it very obvious just how much your dog loves you. Although your dogs cannot speak, they display their love and affection in other ways, such as wagging their tails or always bring you their favorite toys. Read on to find out more about how dogs display their love towards you.

They Constantly Want to Cuddle with You

Dogs are big on cuddles. Cuddles make dogs feel loved and secure. However, one thing to avoid is giving them huge bear hugs because these hugs can make dogs feel very threatened, as if they cannot escape. Instead, allow your dogs to snuggle up beside you, and to maintain physical contact with you. This makes them feel safe and secure, where they can still move as they please. When your dog decides to snuggle up beside you in bed, it is because they are enjoying the close proximity with their owners.

Your Dogs Always Yawns Around You

One key sign to look out for is whether your dog is yawning around you. A dog that feels comfortable and relaxed in your presence will have a loose mouth and a loose tongue. On the other hand, if a dog is uncomfortable or feels threatened, they will have a tight mouth. If your dogs love you and are very comfortable being around you, it is likely they will not hold back their yawns.

Your Dog’s Tail is Wagging Most of the Time

A wagging tail does not always mean that your dog is happy. Studies show that happy dogs usually wag their tails from left to right, while dogs that are feeling anxious or nervous tend to move their tails to the left. If your dog’s tail is always wagging from the left to the right, they are happy being around you and are comfortable in your presence.

Your Dog Stares at You

A good way to tell of a dog’s affection towards you is through their eyes. Looking straight on into your dog’s eyes can actually result in the both of you producing a higher level of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. If you always catch your dog staring at you, it is a sign that your dog is madly in love with you, and has genuine affection for you.

They are Excited when You Come Back Home

Dogs that love their owners would be visibly excited when their owners come back home, because they look forward to seeing their owners and spending time with them. They usually display this excitement by jumping up and down, and wagging their tails left to right. If your dog is excited to see you when you come home, it is likely your dog really loves you.

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