Perfect as counter displays, these cat PDQs are the ideal last-minute, impulse purchases your customers will grab as they walk up to the register. Place them throughout the store for your customers to pick up as they shop, too. The small size is irresistible because they’re so cute!

These cat toys come in boxes of 25 or 30 pieces and are brightly colored to easily attract attention. Soft and pliable, these tiny toys are lightweight, making them fun for your cats to toss around and play with.

Colors and Shapes

How can any kitten resist an ice cream cone or a delicious slice of pizza? Especially when they are enhanced with catnip! These toys come in different types (slices with pepperoni or with mushrooms, etc.) and colors (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc.), so discover your cat’s favorite. Give your cat a PDQ treat while you have dinner, so your furry friend won’t bother you or try to steal your food.

Fun with Feathers

Multipet also offers four other styles of PDQs that have feathers. Both the feathers and the little catnip toys come in lots of vibrant, neon colors. Whether you choose the balls, mice (check out their safari prints!), or candy shapes, these will be an exciting and fun toy for your cat to chase, bat around, and carry throughout the house.