Do you remember Shari Lewis and her loveable sock puppet, Lamb Chop®? Shari hosted a children’s television program in the 1950s and 1960s and entertained kids by being a puppeteer, a ventriloquist, and a singer. Actually, before getting her own show, her first appearance on television was with Captain Kangaroo!

Not only is Lamb Chop remembered and loved by people of all ages, this sock puppet is also a cuddly and cute companion for your furry friends.

Lamb Chop®

Our original Lamb Chop® toys are available in four sizes; one for every breed of dog. Its soft exterior is designed for sleeping and cuddling and the inner squeaker makes for an extra fun playtime. Whether you choose the Lamb Chop that is lying down or the one standing up (or both!), it’s perfect for light chewing, carrying around, snuggling, and playing catch with. Some of our pet owner customers even buy an extra one for themselves!

Holiday Lamb Chops

You can celebrate a variety of holidays with Lamb Chop®, too. Consider the Lamb Chop wearing a Santa hat, wearing a witch’s hat for Halloween, and donning bunny ears for Easter. There’s even a Lamb Chop (both standing and lying down) wearing Christmas reindeer antlers! They’re all so cute, you’ll want some for every holiday.

Most of these Lamb Chop® plush toys come in a variety of sizes to suit different dog sizes. Ideal for both your human customers and their canine companions, Lamb Chop will bring out a sense of nostalgia.