The seasons are changing and that means celebrations of various types and sizes. Our new Special Edition Seasonal Loofa Dog® and Lamb Chop® toys are some of the most “pawsome” plush toys on the market. Throughout the year, these toys suit different seasons and holidays for your furry friend to enjoy. These pet toys are so fun that you may want to collect each and every one!

But we didn’t stop at Lamb Chop® and Loofa Dog® seasonal representations!

Spread the Holiday Spirit

Spread the holiday cheer with our special edition pet toys. These toys will brighten up the season and offer tons of fun for pet owners and their furkids. We have also created special edition pet toys that are sure to get pet owners and their dogs into the spooky spirit. Our toys are suitable for both large and small breeds because these products are easy to carry around in their mouths.

Express Love for Your Pet

February 14 is the day when people show their affection for loved ones, including their beloved feline and canine friends! Our toys, however, allow you to shower your pets with love at any time you wish.

Expend Excess Energy

If you are the proud parent of a cat or dog, chances are they will want to spend most of their time outdoors. Bond with your pets and provide them with an outlet to release pent-up energy. What better way than to use our toys to create a lasting play experience.

Ideal for both your human customers and their four-legged buddies, our seasonal pet toys will bring out the nostalgia, merriment, and a celebratory sense of excitement in them. Add some of our special edition toys to your inventory today!