Pounce, chase, run! Our cat toys encourage your feline friends to play and exercise more. Best of all, Multipet knows how to keep cats – and their cat parents – happy. We offer our customers a diverse line of toys that are designed to keep their animals active, while still have fun.

Feather Toys

Our feather toys consist of clownfish, butterflies, birds, mice, balls, pom poms, and monsters. These toys are decorated with bright, fluffy feathers to catch the attention of your kitten. These toys come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes to provide tons of all-day fun for your cat. Our feathery wands are a top seller for cat owners who enjoy interacting and playing with their kitties.

Some of these feathered toys contain catnip, others do not. You choose which ones your feline gets to play with.


Chances are you have probably seen the amusing reactions of cats when they come into contact with catnip – a herb that belongs to the mint family. Catnip products are generally safe for most cats and they can be used for positive reinforcement when dealing with behavior and health issues. For example, cat owners can encourage overweight cats to play, exercise, and avoid being sedentary. You may also help alleviate stress in cats after moving to a new location.

Understand that this is only a small sample of the toys we offer. Multipet has a broad range of cat toys available for every cat’s personality, so look through the website for more. Do you have lazy cats? Crazy cats? Older cats? Or cute kittens? We have toys to keep them all happy.