Your cat has certain needs! It’s important to give your cats some stimulation and play time. Attract their attention with Catnip Garden® products. Sprinkle it on their toys or in a location you want your cats to notice. The sweet aroma of this catnip is irresistible and gives your feline friends a burst of extra energy. Provide your cats with a fun and silly playtime, and the cat parents get to have a great time, too!

Bags and Cups of Catnip

Multipet carries several different sizes of this catnip – from a .5-ounce bag to as much as a 4-ounce container – all made in North America. Safe and 100% natural, this catnip can be rubbed on a cat’s scratching post (to encourage them to stop using the furniture) or on a toy or two to divert your kitty’s attention elsewhere. It also gives them a burst of energy to run, play, and get some exercise.

Catnip Garden Toys

Our catnip puffs will entice your felines to get up off the couch and chase each other around the house. The puff is just an inch big and the perfect size for batting around with little kitten paws. We also have catnip bubbles. Blow bubbles in the air for your cats to chase after. Pet parents have just as much fun as the cats as they run around and swat at the non-toxic soap bubbles infused with catnip.