Does your canine companion hide under the bed during thunderstorms? Or do they howl and shake with fright at every roll of thunder or flash of lightning? Does your furry friend bark and whine every time you leave the house? Do they hate riding in the car? Try something new to relieve their fears!

So soft and cuddly, try these Aromadog™ plush toys. These toys will help to soothe the most anxious of dogs. This exciting line of therapeutic toys was designed to help calm nerves, relieve anxiety, and more. They are available in shapes of elephants, dogs, and bears, and are offered in colors green, blue, and purple. Aromadog™ is available in various sizes and shapes to match the age, stature, and preferences of every dog.

Happy and Relaxed

Every time your furry friend plays with Aromadog™ toys, a blend of scents will fill the air. With each squeak, essential oils with a mixture of lavender help to relax your pooch. These oils and scents make them calmer and much happier in just a short time.

Thunderstorms and More

As soon as your puppy or adult dog starts to whine or look fearful, offer them this special therapeutic toy. As the scent is released, your four-legged friend will begin to relax due to the calming oils. After the storm has passed, the car ride is over, or whatever has upset them is gone, the toy can be easily stored.

Get these therapeutic plush toys today. Aromadog™ toys not only make dogs calmer, but the owners will be happier, too!