Take a walk down memory lane: do you remember beloved cartoon characters like Woody Woodpecker®, Gumby®, and Underdog®? How about Lamb Chop® or Mr. Bill®? Not only will these nostalgic toys bring back great memories for you, but they are also fun for your canine companions!

Imagine the laughter as your family sees these cartoon character plush toys sitting next to your furry friend. Think of the conversations that will start with, “Hey, remember when…?” as you gather around the dinner table. Sing the cartoon theme songs and yell, “Never fear, Underdog is here!” along with the toy as you squeeze it. Or laugh along with Woody Woodpecker’s unique laugh.

Characters and Their Sounds

As mentioned above, some of these licensed toys also make the sounds they are most famous for. Choose Underdog for his call, Woody Woodpecker for his laugh, or add Mr. Bill to your dog’s collection for his “Oh, Noooooooo!”. Be aware, however, that, in order to make the sounds, these plush toys contain batteries.

Available in an Assortment

In addition to speaking words, our other licensed plush toys – such as Gumby – simply squeak when squeezed. Gumby is also available in a 9” rubber chew toy.