Do you have little ones and dogs, too? Here’s a fun toy that both of them will love. Our Look Who’s Talking ™ toys come in a variety of animal-inspired designs. When you give some of the animals a hug, they make a realistic sound! Our Deedle Dudes animals play a tune when you squeeze them. Not a great singer? Our plush birthday cake toy plays “Happy Birthday” for your pooch on their special day (or whenever you squeeze it!)

A perfect playtime with your kids and their furry companions, they can sit on the floor together and try to guess what sound each toy will make. Your kids won’t even realize they’re learning as they play along with the pooch.

Realistic Sounds

Multipet offers 18 different small (6”) plush animals that make realistic noises. Barnyard animals such as cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, roosters, ducks, and chicks will moo, oink, peep, quack, and more. Or choose wildlife such as monkeys, parrots, koala bears, and others. Find out what sounds a fish and a lobster make. Who knows until you squeeze it?!

Deedle Dudes

Our mouse, monkey, rabbit, and shark all get together for a rousing good time! Each plush toy plays a lively tune. Get up and dance with your beloved pet and have a great time while burning a few calories. These toys are ideal for playing catch or just for snuggle time, too.


Our Look Who’s Talking ™ dog toys are powered by three (1.5V Alkaline) batteries.

Collect the entire zoo. These plush toys are soft, so they won’t hurt your dog’s teeth or mouth. Fun for the entire family, you’ll be glad you ordered these toys today.