Just like big dogs need big toys, tiny dogs need petite toys. Are you having trouble finding the right sized toy for cuddle time? Do you need a smaller plush toy or rubber ball to play catch with your little friend? Is everything you buy too big for your furry companion’s ability to hold it or carry it with them? Our Minipet by Multipet toys are the ideal size for miniature and small dogs.

Shapes, Sizes, and Colors

Just like larger breeds, little dogs need toys to play with, too. Our Minipet by Multipet collection offers lots of different colors, sizes, and shapes to keep your mini pooch happy and healthy. Designed especially for small breeds, these toys are soft in order not to hurt your puppy’s teeth or mouth. The vibrant colors and squeaks keep their brains active and interested in playing. Ropes for tug of war, balls for playing catch, and toys to chew on and snuggle with are the perfect size just for them. Give your tiny dogs what they need to have a happy, interesting, and healthy life.

Different Textures

It is beneficial for small dogs to experience different toy textures. Keep them anxiety-free by introducing toys that look and feel different, so they will get used to trying new things. Give your little pooch rubber toys to chew on to keep their teeth clean and healthy.