Everyone loves a good snuggle once in a while – even dogs. Are you looking for something soft and cuddly for some gentle toy tossing with your furry friend? How about the perfect plush toy to join your pooch as a napping companion?

Multipet offers a variety of plush toys in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes for every breed of dog and every kind of canine personality.

Jumbo to Minis

Do you have dogs that are large breeds, e.g., Great Danes, German shepherds, or Labs? How about small dogs like terriers, poodles, and pugs? Whether big or tiny, every canine companion deserves to have toys that match their size.

Lucky for you, Multipet offers plush toys as large as 27 inches tall and as small as 4 inches.

To Squeak or Not to Squeak

Our plush pet toys are the perfect playmate for your furry friends. With different colors, sizes, textures and more, every dog will find something they’ll love to play with. Depending on what your pooch enjoys, we have plush toys that crinkle, squeak, play music, and make animal noises, while others stay silent.