BOO!! Picture a Halloween-inspired toy with just the right amount of fun but a tad scary, too. Now imagine the look on your dog’s face, and the velocity of tail wagging, when you present that perfect Halloween toy to them for snuggling, wrestling, squeaking, and playing. Bring home a spooky dog toy for your beloved furry friend today, and they’ll have fun with it year-round. – Does this need to be reworded or does it imply we sell directly and can buy here?

Plush and/or Squeaky Halloween Toys

One of our most popular – and a favorite for both humans and pets – is our plush collection of Lamb Chop® toys. Though available for every season, we do feature a Halloween version in which Lamb Chop dons a witch’s hat.

Loofa® Dog Halloween toys come in a gray and white mummy, black and white skeleton, and an orange witch. But that’s not all! There are three different types of Loofa® Halloween Squeaker mats: a cute little devil, a playful witch, and a not-so-scary monster.

Durable Halloween Toys

Our durable Cross Ropes Halloween toys are ideal for a quick game of fetch, catch, or moderate tug-of-war. Some of our durable selections include a spider, a bat, a monster, and a ghost.

Tug Toys with Ropes

A casual game of tug helps strengthen the bond with your dog. In addition, these toys help build your dog’s confidence while they have a good time. Our cross-ropes Halloween toys are also designed to help your dog burn off excess energy.

Trick-Or-Treat? Treat your dog with one of our spooktacular, pawsome Halloween toys from Multipet.