Puppy Buddies

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They say big things come in small packages, and our Puppy Buddies are no exception! They may be little, but these squeaky, plush dogs toys are ideal for smaller dogs and puppies looking for a soft companion during playtime. Available in Pig, Monkey, and Frog

Puppy Buddies (Monkey, Pig, and Frog)

Our Puppy Buddies are exactly what they say they are! Meet your puppy’s new buddy, available in three different animals!

About Our Puppy Buddies (Monkey, Pig, and Frog)

These mini plush toys are perfect for puppies. Small yet durable, they measure 4 inches and can easily be transported, grabbed, and tossed. Not only are they adorable to look at, but they also help puppies release as much of their boundless energy as possible, making it the ideal late afternoon or evening toy to tire them out before bedtime. Our puppy buddies are available in three adorable animal designs: Monkey, Frog, and Pig.

Why Buy Puppy Buddies (Monkey, Pig, and Frog) from Multipet?

Besides being an award-winning designer and supplier of pet toys and accessories, we are an environmentally conscious company that aims to produce sustainable products with as little waste as possible. We do our best to ensure that as much of our packaging is recyclable with the help of our partners at How2Recycle. We believe that our furry friends should be able to have fun and enjoy their toys without sacrificing a pet-friendly future.

Our products are unique, of superior quality, and are sure to bring heaps of fun into your pet’s life. With our eclectic range of toys, your pet will always be active, engaged, and satisfied.

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.