Bouncy Burrow Babies and Buddies

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These adorable, stuffing-free, plush toys feature a rubber ball in the head and a squeaker in the tail. The perfect forest companion for pooches! Available in 8″ and 20″.

37603 Bouncy Burrow Babies Assorted 8″

37533 Bouncy Burrow Buddies Assorted 20″

Does your dog love to play fetch, and chew and tug at anything it can sink its teeth into? Then the Bouncy Burrow Babies and Buddies toy is perfect for your pup! This dog toy is especially great for highly active dogs and will most definitely keep your pet entertained throughout the day.

About Our Bouncy Burrow Babies and Buddies

The Bouncy Burrow Babies and Buddies is an extremely strong and durable toy. It can be used as a tug toy, a chew toy, and even for playing fetch. This irresistibly adorable plush toy consists of a rubber ball in its head and a squeaker in its tail. It is the perfect companion for your furry friends! The toy comes in two different sizes, measuring 8 inches or 20 inches long, making it suitable for medium to large size dogs. Every dog needs a Bouncy Burrow Baby and Buddy in their play bin!

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